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the rooms bed & breakfast

Car ParkNo Swimming PoolNo Indoor Swimming PoolNo Dry Heat SaunaPets not welcomeNo Restaurant
- Vienna, Austria

imagination - the rooms bed & breakfast Vienna

The rooms .... Vienna's only b & b at the lovely Old Danube river

4 rooms, each one different and individually decorated with charm and lots of attention to detail. The interior of the bed and breakfast is a potpourri of different styles, with many decorations found on our travels. And so you can sleep either romantic Moroccan, colorful Mediterranean, relaxing Asian or inspirational Indian.

Breakfast .... A large teak table from Indonesia whereall guests meet in the morning. Our highly praised granola is homemade, also the jams made partly from the fruits of the garden are not to be despised. Apricot with lots of rum, cinnamon and cardamom, quince with pumpkin and rosemary or strawberry with lavender: Hmmmmh! The café comes from Lago di Garda, Lucafe, which produces delicious coffee for our little red espresso machine. Guests who order a cappuccino usually have a second one.... An egg dish will be freshly made to order. Breakfast is served on hand made plates and bowls from Israel, cut with the special copper utensils from India and drunk from teacups made in small potteries in Japan. Everything blends in harmony together.

Jogging, swimming, sailing, surfing, biking, inline skating, taking a walk, - everything possible next to the Old Danube, Vienna's most beautiful recreational area just around the corner. And in the evening enjoy the sunset over dinner at one of several restaurants right on the water, sitting on the floating wooden deck. Or enjoy a picnic in a rented boot, on full moon you get a free bottle of sparkling wine for the way.

Parking is not an issue with us, free of charge on the street in front of the b & b. The subway runs all night on weekends and usually by the minute during the day, and the best thing, the next station is only a 3 minute walk from the bed & breakfast away. And wifi is available everywhere in the house. Also on our terrace.

Beds and Rooms

  • 10 Beds
  • 4 Double rooms
  • 3 Holiday apartment(s)


  • Riverside
  • Next to town center
  • Out in the open
Earliest Check-in: 11:00
Latest Check-out: 11:00
(53 Ratings)
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 from Alexander
a cozier way to stay in Vienna
12/21 °C
Ms Eva Elbaranes-Koll
Schlenthergasse 17
1220 Wien, Austria
Phone +43(664)4316830
Fax: +43(1)263670215
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