Traffic rules in Austria are basically the same as in other EC countries

Top speed:

motorway: 130 km/h
federal road: 100 km/h

Please mind the short stay parking zones in districts 1 - 9 and 20.
There are several park&ride facilities offering excellent rates.

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Vienna Airport (Schwechat): all major airlines; approx. 20 km from the center

Connections to the city:

* CAT (City Airport Train): direct connection from the airport to the center / Wien Mitte station in only 16 mins. Check-in for departure flights possible at Wien Mitte station.

* rapid train S7 to "Wien Mitte station" every hour.

* bus transfer to the Vienna International Center and to West and South Stations.

* taxi

* rental car

flight reservation

Westbahnhof station: connections to Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Hungary

Südbahnhof/Ostbahnhof stations: connections to Italy, former Yugoslavia, Slovakia, Czech Republic

Franz Josef station: connections to SLovakia and Czech Republic

Wien Mitte station: rapid transit trains

Bahnhof Nord/Praterstern: local connections

24-hour service hotline:

24-hour reservations:

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* Daily from 8 am - 9 pm.
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